48 thoughts on “[Case Study] One Product Dropshipping | $1,032,512 in 5 Months”

  1. Plus taxed on the net profit and you're pretty much at around 100K USD. If you want to then reinvest it then you're at 0 or perhaps you take this out of your business but then again you need to double tax it.

  2. Wow, great video. It's extremely informative. I'll have to watch it a few more times to get some of the terminologies down but it's a clear plan of action which I intend to follow. You've just gotten a sub. 🙂

  3. I am only 13 years old so i have a really slick budget. My idea is to sell teeth whitening and my questions are. Is tooth whitening over satruated and do I have to use a bigger budget if I want to use tooth whitening then if I have another product? I am going to use a bamboo tooth whitening.

  4. Excellent content! No fluff, no bs comedy, just straight to the point, actionable info, this is hard to come by. Subbed/liked, will be checking more of your vids dude. You explained more about FB ads in 2 min than one of the many waffelfest courses online! No shilling, nice.
    I was gonna ask about ig, but I see it in the P&L, will check if you've videos on it, just curious on what to pay an influencer, how to calculate.
    Do you ever think of flipping these stores? With that kind of growth, and a good SOP in place for the advertising, you should get 3x net profits.
    Also, who the hell complains about 20% net profit on 1 mil over 5 months! 20% is normal for competitive products online anyway! Your December must have be nuts!

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Where are you located? I've just learned that if i am not applicable for Shopify Payments i must find a 3rd party provider for the payments and that adds additional fees, at least 2.9% on top of Shopify's 2.9% AND 2% turnover fees again from Shopify. So instead of just having the 2.9% from Shopify +2%, i must pay the other 2.9% and to sum up that's 7.8% of my product cost. Is there a way to get around this? Will maybe changing my IP location to one of the "Shopify Payments" approved countries actually work 😀 ?

  6. Even with an estimated tax bill of $43k, $150k for 5 months work is still $30k a month. Heck, I can make $30k last over a year, longer if I have to.
    Good to see someone working smart for a change. I'd have some mental stretching to do to wrap my mind around the specifics of what you are doing, but good on ya for making it work.

  7. hey i just seen a 336k in 6 months video what the fuck happened? did u got bored and said let me bulshit people even more? u sure arent serious …. right? i mean u realize everyone knows this is shit?

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